Pickle Trail Soundtrack

local natives

1. Bowery – Local Natives

8 diagrams

2. Unpredictable – Wu Tang Clan

From the totally underrated 8th Diagrams. RZA’s fetishizing of Ennio Morricone style film scores polarized both fans and the rest of the Wu, but I love it all the same.

bill callahan

3. The Wheel – Bill Callahan


4. Grounded – Pavement

vic chesnutt

5. Independence Day – Vic Chesnutt

Reminder of the tragic beauty of living.

the whole love

6. Open Mind – Wilco

From last year’s The Whole Love, my favorite Wilco album since Yankee Hotel Foxtrot


7. Stay – Rhianna

(particularly this excellent performance from last fall on SNL) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-dW7z0QBNg

phosphorescent muchacho

8. Muchacho’s Tune – Phosphorescent


9. Asmarina (My Asmara) – Mulatu Astake

Mystic, exotic beauty. Jim Jarmusch’s inappropriate scoring of Broken Flowers almost ruined Mulatu for me. Sorry Bill Murray.


10. That Is The Way – XTC

Masters of the art-punk genre. One or two radio songs and they would have been as big as Talking Heads

  1. fionaconroy says:

    Ha, “Pickle Trail.” Nice. Love this, but what is the theme that ties all of these tracks together for you? Is there one?

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